Dance Classes run on Tuesdays and Saturdays 

Tuesdays: Longdean Sports Centre 

Saturdays: Longdean Secondary School

Our jazz classes are designed to spend more time enhancing dance technique, flexibility, core strength, leaps and turns alongside learning fun and energetic Commercial and Musical Theatre dance routines. Physical movement is a huge part of Musical Theatre and we encourage all our students to be taking dance classes alongside our Saturday academy.

Ballet technique is so important for any dancer giving you the basic arm and leg movements needed in jazz, modern, tap, and ballroom. It helps you find your centre of balance, gain strength and agility and move gracefully. Ballet blast is an introduction into this subject. Ballet is the fundamental technique of any dance style. It is important that every performer has some ballet experience if you are wishing to pursue a career in Performing Arts.

Tap dancing is great for learning rhythm and learning and memorising patterns. It’s a fantastic workout for brain and another incredible style to enhance your overall Musical Theatre performance. 

Avaliable Classes


 5-5:45pm – Junior Jazz (Ages 8-11)

5:45-6:30pm – IDTA Grade 4 Ballet 

6:30-8pm – Inter/Senior Jazz (Ages 12+) 

8-8:45pm – IDTA Grade 5 Contemporary Modern Jazz 


9:30-10am – IDTA Grade 3 Contemporary Modern Jazz

10-1pm – Smash Musical Theatre School (Ages 8-18) 

1-1:30pm – IDTA Gared 3 Ballet

1-2pm – Beginner Tap 

IDTA – International Dance Teachers Association 

The purpose of the IDTA’s Graded and Vocational Graded qualifications is to motivate and encourage candidates of all ages and levels through a system of progressive mastery and to provide a form of training that develops and enhances skills, knowledge and understanding in a safe and consistent way. The qualifications are not only beneficial to those studying Dance as a recreational pursuit but could also prepare learners for further learning by helping them to develop their skills enabling them to progress to the next level.


Venue - Longdean School, Hemel Hempstead, HP3 8JB