Co-founders Dani and Alex met early on in their theatrical careers and have worked together on various professional productions and projects since.

The concept of Smash Arts came about one evening after a long 3 show day for them both, as the question arose of how their love for the theatre began.
As most evenings went, the conversation burst into countless stories of their younger selves, and the influential theatre experiences they both had growing up. It was there that they both realised that one of the biggest things they had in common was the amazing tales of their first encounters of being in musicals when they were younger. These inspiring and skill developing experiences led them both to train professionally in theatre and go on to have successful careers in the arts which are still going to this day.
It was from this conversation that the idea for Smash Arts Theatre Company was born. How amazing it would be for both of them if they could replicate such an influential time in their lives for the next generation of performers and stars.
Smash Arts’ mission is not only to create a professional, fun, and safe environment for young performers today, but to ensure that just like them, lifelong memories and friendships are made.

With an extensive knowledge from working professionally in the theatre industry, alongside a passion for teaching, we are so excited to share our Smash journey with you and continue making memories together.

Dani and Alex,
Co-Founders of Smash Arts Theatre Company

Things end but memories last forever!