west end summer experience

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Are you aged 9-21 years? Do you love to Sing, Dance and Act?

Do you want to work with theatre professionals to put on a full-scale musical in just two weeks?


The aim of The West End Summer Experience is to provide up to 80 youngsters aged 9 – 21 with the opportunity to work together in a professional theatre with like-minded individuals. They will get an experience like no other, getting to know how the industry works, making memories with newly found lifelong friends, and most importantly getting to perform in an amazing musical in front of a large audience, built up of friends, family, loved ones and the general public.


They will push themselves out of their comfort zone and break boundaries that will help nurture their confidence not just in performing arts but everyday life. The two week project is a FULL SCALE musical under the supervision of a highly skilled creative team including a professional Director, Choreographer, Musical Director,  Musicians and Technical team all in just 2 weeks!


The project provides young people with a unique opportunity to take an active interest in the performing arts and is a good foundation for those wishing to further their careers in this industry. As well as being actively involved in the arts, it helps our young cast build confidence, develop learning skills, unite with a range of ethnic and cultural backgrounds, have fun in an imaginative and creative environment, and of course, make lots of new friends!


The West End Summer Experience provides a crucial artistic outlet for young people during the summer holidays. It allows your child to stay active and most importantly, passionate about what they love to do.

Centenary Theatre, Berkhamsted School, Kings Road, Berkhamsted, HP4 3BG


The Centenary Theatre in Berkhamsted is a 479 seat contemporary theatre opened in 1991 to mark the centenary of Berkhamsted Girls’ School. The theatre is incredibly well-equipped with facilities to rival, if not outshine many theatres in the surrounding area. Our participants will be lucky enough to enjoy lunches outside as well as use of all the professional theatre facilities and grounds for both weeks. 


West End Summer Experience

Week 1 – Monday 8th August – Sunday 13th August 2022

Week 2 – Monday 15th August – Sunday 21st August 2022



Friday 19th August 2022 at 7pm

Saturday 20th August 2022 at 7pm

Sunday 21st August 2022 at 5pm


Smash Arts farewell party will be held after the final performance for the cast, crew and families to say their goodbyes until 10:30pm


Performers wishing to audition for The West End Summer Experience must be aged between 9 and 21 at the time of the production.


If your child turning 9 in August they will be eligible to participate. 

Our Audition day is really exciting and a great way to experience what we as a team have to offer. Please be prepared it could be a long day, and come with plenty of food and water. Do not be nervous, our welcoming creative team will aim to make the day as relaxed and fun as possible. 


Auditionees will be taken through 3 short musical theatre workshops in acting, singing and dance. These will be led by our Smash Arts creative team. For those wishing to audition for an ensemble role all songs and choreography will be taught on the day so no need to prepare any material in advance however a basic knowledge of the chosen musical is advisable. If you are wishing to audition for any feature or Principle roles please prepare a short extract from any song which you believe shows you off. This can either be performed acapella or you may bring printed sheet music with you. Please understand due to time we will not be able to see everyone perform their prepared piece. 


We will initially see everyone in smaller groups where you will all be given a chance to sing, dance and act. Usually ages 9-14 will be in the morning and ages 15+ will be in the afternoon. Specific times will be announced nearer to the audition date so please be available for the entire day. 


We will then take a short break and some participants may be asked to stay a bit longer. If you are not asked to stay on, please do not be upset it does not mean that you have been unsuccessful. This is all part of our casting process and there are many reasons why you may be asked to stay/leave.


Final selections will be made when everyone has left and our audition day is finished. On occasions you may be asked to submit a self tape if you are being considered for a Principle role. Again if you are not asked to submit a tape it does not mean you are not being considered for a Principle role, we may have seen enough on the audition day to cast the production. 


You will be notified via email within two weeks whether you have been successful or not and your role within the production.


Please wear comfortable clothes that you can move in. Active wear will suit this process better than a pair of jeans which will restrict your movement.  Please also bring a packed lunch, plenty to drink and something to keep you occupied while you wait.  A finishing time is hard to predict so please bring a mobile phone to call a parent/guardian when you have finished.


Please note: Only people auditioning will be allowed into the auditorium and audition rooms. We will have plenty of staff to make sure everyone is safe/happy and cared for. 


Performers wishing to audition for our West End Summer Experience must be aged between 9 and 21, at the time of the production.


As places are limited, a small payment of £10 is required to secure your audition slot. This is ensure you are fully committed to attending the day and to avoid drop outs.


**Please note that our audition days will take place at Longdean Secondary School in Hemel Hempstead but all Summer rehearsals and performances will all take place at The Centenary Theatre in Berkhamsted.

Registration will begin at 9am with physical and vocal warmups starting promptly at 9:30am. To ensure the health and safety of our participants everyone must be present for daily warmups to avoid any unnecessary injury. Rehearsals will continue all day with a break for lunch and ample snack breaks throughout the day. Dinner breaks will be included in the timetable when evening rehearsals are required. Ensemble members will leave each day at 4pm. Principle characters and featured roles may be asked to stay until 6pm. Towards the end of the rehearsal process the days will be longer and a finishing time of 8pm can be expected for all participants. 



2 weeks is a very short time to create, rehearse and put on a full scale musical. Because of this you must be FULLY COMMITTED for the entire two weeks.

For Rehearsals please wear comfortable clothes that you can move in. Active wear will suit the project better than a pair of jeans which will restrict your movement. Trainers or Jazz shoes must be worn for dance classes. 


A Smash Arts Theatre Company t-shirt will be given to each participant on their first day of rehearsals. While participants will not be required to wear it on a daily basis we may ask that the uniform is worn for any press or media related photo shoots.


Smash Arts Theatre Company merchandise will be available to purchase throughout the experience but are not compulsory. 

Smash Theatre Arts will endeavour to provide as many of the costumes needed for the production as possible, however we may ask you to assist with some basic items for costumes such as t-shirts, shoes, etc – usually things that you already have at home.

Participation fees for our West End Summer Experience are £360 per participant. We endeavour to keep fees as low as possible, however, we do have to cover increasing costs of venue hire, pastoral care and technical elements during our rehearsal and performance periods. A 20% sibling discount is available.


A small amount of £10 is required to attend either Audition day on the 9th or 10th of April. This is ensure you are fully committed to attending our Summer project and you are not taking up a space for somebody else.


Please note: once payment (or part-payment) has been made there are no refunds – you have committed to the Project and taken a place from another auditionee.


A £60 deposit will be required to secure your place after our audition day with the remaining balance due on or before Sunday 24th July 2022 . Failure to pay will result in the exclusion of the participant from the show/project.


The fee does not include meals, show tickets or transportation which remains your responsibility. 

A Smash Arts Theatre Company t-shirt will be given to each participant on their first day of rehearsals. While participants will not be required to wear it on a daily basis we may ask that the uniform is worn for any press or media related photo shoots. 


Details of how to pay and ticket information will be emailed upon your successful audition. 


**It’s Smash Arts’ wish that no young person misses out due to financial constraint. If you wish to apply for financial aid please state so in your application form. Smash Arts are more than happy to be paid in instalments and we can discuss details and payment plans with you indivdually.

Booking information will be released upon successful Audition. 

By attending our audition day or being part of the West End Summer Experience you agree to us using your child’s image for social media and marketing purposes.


We will be hiring a professional photographer throughout the experience. Any professional photographs of the production will be available for purchase after the completion of the project. 

If you live too far to commute to our West End Summer Experience we will endeavour to help you find accommodation. If successful at our audition we will contact you separately to go over different options for example living with a nominated family or at a local hotel with other Smash Arts participants. If you are a family who are happy to host other participants please do contact us.  

Participants of the West End Summer Experience participate at their own risk and are obliged to inform Smash Arts Theatre Company of any existing injuries or medical condition. Any medication must be clearly labelled and handed in at registration at the beginning of every day.


If a participant is unwell or has an accident requiring emergency treatment, the Parent/Guardian will be contacted via the emergency contact details provided on the enrolment form. Please ensure that all emergency contact details are up to date and correct.


Due to the nature of dance it may be necessary for our team to use physical contact when training young dancers and performers.


All the team at Smash Arts are fully DBS checked in line with our safeguarding policy and a first aider will always be present throughout the duration of the project.

We ask that our participants arrive at rehearsals each day with an open mind, well rested and ready to learn. Our young people have the amazing opportunity to work with a highly skilled and experienced creative team including a professional Director, Choreographer and Musical Director, to create a professional full scale production in 2 weeks. Our West End Experience is an inclusive and collaborative company. Our main goal is to create something truly special. We do this by respecting everyone involved, learning from each other and creating a safe space to work together as a team. Smash Arts Theatre Company do not tolerate bullying of any kind.