“Smash Arts Theatre Company are fantastic! My daughter was part of the cast in Grease The Musical Summer Experience and loved every second. The show itself was phenomenal but so was everything else about the experience. The staff are all so highly skilled in their fields, friendly and go above and beyond. We would highly recommend!”

Catherine, Jess’ Mum

“To put it plainly, Smash has restored all confidence in me and has made me fall completely and utterly in love with theatre again. I have left this show a completely different person to when I first walked in, full of happiness and passion and excitement and determination. Every single day I was met with another surprise and reason to fall in love with you all and being able to meet and work with so many people that are currently working in the industry was so exciting, and fuelled that fire to push myself again. I am so grateful that you allowed me to be a part of the first ever West End Summer Experience.”

Ellie, Company Member

“Smash Arts Theatre Company has completely changed our sons life. He auditioned for Grease the Musical and got a part. This was his first ever time on stage!! Everyone at Smash Arts was so encouraging and supportive and his confidence has shot through the roof. I have never seen him so focused or enjoy something as much as this. He is now attending their Saturday Theatre School. Absolutely amazing, thank you so much Smash Arts Theatre Company!”

Jane, Max’s Mum

“Smash are a family I never knew I needed! I had the most incredible time working with the most amazing and inspiring people and most of all making friends for life ! The show was just phenomenal and I loved every part of it. It was one of the best experiences of my life and I’ll remember it forever ! From the first audition I knew this was going to be the best summer ever! I learnt so much off the creatives but also off the talented cast and I wouldn’t change the experience for the world! I’ll forever be grateful for Dani , Alex and the rest of the team for guiding me , supporting me , befriending me and inspiring me on a daily ! You won’t regret signing up and joining the smash family!”

Tamara, Company Member

“Smash Arts is the most professional group of young people I have ever had the pleasure of working with. Working with previous drama school teachers and industry professionals to put on a full scale musical within 2 weeks made the experience so incredible. Can only say Smash Arts is a family for life and I wouldn’t pass on the opportunity to work with them again if I had the chance.”

Louis, Company Member

“I left the west end summer experience with newly found confidence, incredible friends and memories to last a lifetime. The whole team are the most kind and supportive people I’ve ever worked with. I feel a part of something really special. I am now so grateful to have Smash School and know it’s going to make me a much better performer.”

Charlie, Company Member

“Smash Arts has the most wonderful atmosphere – the enthusiasm of the teachers, pride and talent from fellow performers, and the sheer joy and energy in the room are what makes it such a fantastic group to be a part of!”

Steph, Company Member

“Wow. Smash arts theatre company can be described by 1000s of positive things but one that just comes to mind is incredible. The experience you can gain from doing there classes or their musicals in a week or even the summer 2 week experience is immense! I’ve done the summer experience twice now and every time I’ve left feeling so happy and just wanting to do it all over again. It’s an incredible way to gain access to people in the industry but also an amazing place to make new friends and just have the time of your life honestly! Hands down one of the best if not the best youth theatre company in the country! I can’t praise smash anymore if i tried, it honestly speaks for it selves! Love smash!!”

Tia, Company Member

“Anees is having such a great time on a Saturday. He’d sleep there given half a chance!”

Imitaz, Anees’ Dad

“Over the summer holidays I had the honour of watching a new drama group put on their production of Grease the Musical.  For a new company their level of talent was quite remarkable which a great mix of younger and older pupils all playing their roles to the utmost of their abilities and loving every minute of it.  You could feel the happiness and excitement into the audience and the respect each cast member had for their crew was worthy of a mention.  Smash Arts Theatre Company and definitely one to watch out for and if your kid wants to take part in training or one of their future shows – you can tell that they will have a blast while learning and gaining confidence. Next summers project is definitely going to be one NOT to miss!”

Melissa – Audience Member, Grease 2021

“Smash arts is such an incredible company. Doing grease the musical with them over the summer was one of the best things I’ve ever done and I’m so thankful to the entire creative team and my fellow cast members for making it such a magical experience. Smash Arts is no joke and I’m so excited to see what lies ahead for them as a professional youth theatre company.” 

Aiden, Company Member

“I did this experience with both my sisters and I honestly did not expect to have so much fun and learnt so much in the experience I had with smash. This is the first time I’ve done musical theatre since I was 11 and now being 18 I definitely want to do it again and will definitely be coming back next year I don’t regret any minute of it and I am so grateful for the amazing teachers and kind staff that always made sure we were all okay. The staff and team went through lengths and did all they can to make sure that the cast were satisfied and made each member feel important. a thousand out of 10.”  

Nicole, Company Member

“I thought this summer was going to be just another boring summer until Smash Arts came to my school to do a workshop. I went to the audition not expecting the incredible experience that was yet to come. Everyone in the cast was so lovely and inclusive, I am twelve and I have made friends so much older than me! Every day I was filled with joy and excitement of what was coming next. I am not the same person that walked in those doors at the end of July. I have improved all of my skills in ways I didn’t think was even possible and has given me the experience and confidence to do more productions and shows! The experience was so amazing and I would kill to do it again”

Dan, Company Member

“Oh my goodness, where to begin. I am so grateful to the company and everyone involved for seeing something in me and for wanting me to be a part of this fantastic show. Doing Grease over the summer has completely transformed me as a performer! I’ve made the most amazing friends and I know for a fact that so many kids have felt that Smash is a place where they belong. Smash School is brilliant – it really gives you a chance to excel and grow tremendously. I can honestly say that I will remember and cherish the memories of summer 21 forever. It really was perfect”

Liliana, Company Member

“Smash Arts Theatre Company is truly a family. I have taken part in every full production, class and showcase smash has had to offer so far and I can truly say I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else. I’ve made friends for life in this company and with help from industry professionals who work within the company I’ve improved my skills since joining. On top of getting quality training it is just always a blast, whether you attend their weekly classes or musical in a week or the west end summer experience you are bound to leave with memories you’ll keep close to your heart. Smash is a home and I highly recommend attending/sending your child to attend.”

Ellie B, Company Member

“After going back for my second year I can tell you that Smash Theatre arts is no fluke! If all of the top drama schools were to come together to put on a musical this would be it. Their most recent west end experience was incredible and the shows just keep getting better and better!”

James, Company Member